About Ridone Inc.

What is RIDONE?

Ridone began as a group of concerned people who felt that people with disabilities were being denied access to many of the services offered to the rest of the population, most especially in the area of cosmetology. We at Ridone set forth to providing those services through the establishment of specially modified salons and mobile units.

The founder of Ridone Don Knypstra was speaking to a group of people about our plan to open a salon that would meet the needs of the disabled.  One of the individuals listening in the audience was Cindy Holland. Her face brightened as she said, “You mean there will be a place for ME?” That’s when we created “Unique Cosmetology Beauty Salons,” specially equipped full service salons and mobile units that are open to the general public.

Now, What does RIDONE aim to do?

It is our intention to construct our salons so the disabled person will have complete access to the salon.  The cosmetologist operators will be specially trained and certified to handle the special needs of our clients.

In addition, some of the operators are disabled themselves, so they will also enjoy the salon to accommodate their special needs, enabling them to perform the cosmetology services for which they have been trained.

Does Ridone intend to cater ONLY to the disabled

No! Through Ridone / Unique Cosmetology Salons will also work with the disadvantaged. We have already been working with area community senior centers, food bank programs, foster care, domestic violence and high-risk youth programs.

How about the “financially challenged” person who cannot afford salon services

It is Ridone’s intention to sponsor the disadvantaged by (tax-deductible donations) made up of both business and individuals.


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