Luda’s salon experiance

Luda’s salon experiance

Luda has been in a wheelchair her whole life and ┬áthis is her experience at a hair salon, the only service that I have received would just include regular haircuts. The experiences that I have had would both be positive and negative. Sometimes the people are friendly, but most of the times they do not suggest accommodations. They also usually make me feel that any accommodations I need is this terrible thing they have to do. The main help I need is transferring to the chair. Because there is a lack of education/training about accommodations, they don’t really know what to do and/or don’t want to help out much. It mostly feels that they only accommodate for business purposes; they don’t seem to care much about the person.


Let me know if there is anything else that you need from me! Thank you!


Luda Gogolushko

Attending CSUN

Masters in Communication

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