Barbara gets perm for the first time in a salon

Barbara gets perm for the first time in a salon

Barbara J. Waite

Dec 17 2011

In 2009, I became seriously ill and spent well over 6 months in the hospital and rehab. Needless to say, I was not at my best both emotionally and physically. I was depressed because I had lost a good portion of my hair from being bedridden for so long. Therefore, I felt that I needed a change and I believed a new hairstyle would just do the trick!! But since I was still homebound and confined to a wheelchair, the question remained, who would be willing to come into my home and work their magic on a person with special needs? In walked Don Knypstra … After over 2 years of working with Don and Ridone Inc., I am so happy to have found a stylist who is not only willing to come to my home but he is also able to adapt to unique situations with the adaptive equipment that he uses for people with special needs!!!!!!! Thanks to Don and his crew, I am able to get my hair shampooed, cut, permed, colored and styled all while sitting in my wheelchair!! The people at Ridone Inc., makes it possible for anyone to look and feel like a new person with a new attitude to match!!!!

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