Wow Shampoo Bowl for people in wheelchairs comments

Wow Shampoo Bowl for people in wheelchairs comments

Shampoo Bowl for people in wheelchairs comments by: Desmar Unlimited Beauty Salon

congratulations on the shampoo bowl. I have a daughter with disabilities and in a wheelchair. So I truly understand. Salons providing service to clients with disabilities are very hard to find, and if you do find one the staff & customer service act as if you are going to give IT to them(ignorance on their part). This encouraged me to open my salon and provide service to all people. My salon is very spacious for my wheelchair clients and a station designated for them. I currently us the portable shampoo bowl for my clients that can’t sit at the shampoo station.(similar to yours but doesn’t roll or tilt). I’ve been open since June. Still making changes. It feels good when you make someone else feel good. Love what you’re doing.

Awesome!  KimStyles4Life

KUDOS!!!!!! Very Exciting !  MiamiDivaHair

This needs to be required by state board for beauty salons to have in shops. Disability access is really important, and helping them feel like everybody else is a kind gesture.   isisbenny404

Amazing!! That is absolutely fantastic! NenaLaVida

THAT’S WONDERFUL!  rintube12

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