Changing Our Industry

Changing Our Industry


 Ridone, Inc. [Ree-done] was developed to serve men, women and children with disabilities and disadvantages in Ventura, Los Angeles and Orange counties. The ultimate vision is to provide the full-range of cosmetology services, with the same “salon” services the rest of the population receives.

 Ridone’s Founder and President, Don Knypstra, formed Ridone in 1993 as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Don receives assistance from other caring individuals who also feel access is being denied to this overlooked segment of the population. These services are needed around the world.

With implementation of the Ridone, Inc. curriculum, station modifications at local salons, and regional cut-a-thon events in modified [salon] mobile units, it is very possible to become viral and fill the ultimate vision – changing our industry.

 Don has invested his own time and money since 1993. This past year has been the most fruitful in the amount of people served, averaging 200+ at each of the last 3 events, with the support of licensed stylists, student and instructor volunteers and local business people. Each event is an education experience that introduces our volunteers to the needs of various individuals (seniors, disabled, disadvantaged, veterans, and the homeless) in our communities.

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